7 Things That Guarantee Unsuccess
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7 Things That Guarantee Unsuccess

Entire sections of bookstores are gathered with books about how to become successful; every day (minute?), the Internet promises hacks and tricks to “become a success at anything.” Even on Lifehack, there are lots of articles on how to be successful in life and developing a highly successful mind.

The advice on how to be successful is omnipresent, then. At a certain point, since much of it contains almost the same basic guidelines, it can feel like noise. But what if you knew how to become unsuccessful? Here’re the 7 things that guarantee unsuccess, you could subsequently avoid these steps to become successful in the process.

1. Spend time discussing problems as opposed to solutions

Discussing problems tends to bring out additional negative emotions. Since humans experience a huge amount of negative thoughts in a day via habit, creating avenues to stir up additional negativity benefits no one. Analyzing a problem and suggesting solutions will improve it. Consistently pointing out the problems and why it can never be solved? Not so much.

I knew a father once in the process of a divorce. He couldn’t accept the real truth of the situation and began to slide into depression and anger.


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7 Things That Guarantee Unsuccess

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