Conflict Is Unexpectedly Good for You
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Conflict Is Unexpectedly Good for You

Conflict is everywhere we turn. There always seems to be an argument about politics, religion, or generational gaps on social media and late night television. What if these disagreements could be productive?

America was founded on combining old ways of thinking and producing something new. Conflict is necessary for creativity and development; however, it has to be constructive. The idea isn’t to compromise, but to take the different perspectives and create hybrids. Constructive conflict could even resolve the seemingly elusive healthcare issue that has divided our nation.

There are two stages necessary for constructive conflict to be harnessed successfully: rules and conversation.

For conflict to be constructive, you need to establish rules

Stage 1 is to establish the basic rules for differing parties to communicate. Expectations for the discussion must engender respect and esprit de corps. It is imperative that all parties are willing to work together towards a common purpose:

Use respectful language (no shouting or personal attacks) Ensure information is readily available to all parties and verifiably accurate Answer questions honestly Develop a new solution Respect basic human rights Test and evaluate solutions by putting it into practice Constructive conflict can be an engine for genius

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Conflict Is Unexpectedly Good for You

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