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Pentagon Issues More Rigid Rules for Immigrant Service Members

The U.S. Defense Department is changing a program that enables foreign-born military recruits to earn a fast-track path to American citizenship.   The new guidelines rolled out Friday will affect legal permanent residents (LPR), or green card holders, and recruits enrolled in the National Interest (MAVNI) program — launched in 2009 to bring in immigrants with medical or language skills. “Effective immediately, all LPRs must complete a background investigation and receive a favorable military security suitability determination (MSSD) prior to entry in the active, reserve, or guard service,” according to…

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Trump Administration Sets Out to ‘Fix’ Asylum System

As the White House works to cut back immigration, asylum seekers are the latest group caught in the crackdown. The Trump administration released enforcement priorities last week that included tightening standards in the U.S. asylum system. While President Donald Trump’s immigration policies do not specify what action will be taken, the administration seems to be working to speed up deportation proceedings for asylum petitioners. The U.S. offers asylum — or protection — to people who are forced to flee their own countries because of persecution due to “race, religion, nationality,…

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