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Trump Pushing House Republicans to Adopt Tax Overhaul

U.S. President Donald Trump is pushing Thursday for adoption of a wide-ranging overhaul of the country’s complex tax laws as he meets with the majority Republican caucus in the House of Representatives shortly before a scheduled vote on the issue. Republican leaders in the House have voiced optimism that they have enough votes to approve the changes that would cut the country’s corporate tax rate from 35 percent, one of the higher rates in the world, to 20 percent and cut tax taxes for millions of middle-class taxpayers, but not…

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The 24 Hour Workout and Why You Should Adopt It

When your mind is clear, you look and feel better. Over the past couple years, I have been experimenting with a routine to improve my cognitive capability and overall life satisfaction. I call this routine The 24 Hour Workout. Imagine if you could see the connection between how you Think – Look – Feel. Would you see a gap? If so, let me share with you a way to fill this gap — The 24 Hour Workout. Here is what you can expect to find if you read on. What is The…

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