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A CEO who sold 2 companies to Google gives his best advice on taking career risks

Luis Von Ahn isn’t new to the tech game. The CEO and founder of language app Duolingo previously sold two other tech products to Google early on in his career. The first was ESP game, a computation game created to develop difficult metadata, which Google licensed as the Google Image Labeler in 2006. The other company was reCAPTCHA, a system used to ascertain whether or not a computer user is human. The tech giant acquired reCAPTCHA in 2009. So, what advice does von Ahn have for young people looking to…

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Cooking Advice From Mom

Updated from the archives with new photos, first posted in 2008 when Elise’s mom was 73, she’s now 82. Happy Mother’s Day! Years ago I was asked to write about what I’ve learned from my mother about cooking. Since at the time I was living with my parents and cooking with my mom almost every day, this wasn’t a difficult exercise. I’m still learning from her, though now occasionally she learns something from me too. 😉 My mother is one of those intuitive cooks in the kitchen. Having raised six kids,…

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