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Tillerson: US Set to ‘Turn the Tide’ in Afghan War With New Strategy

President Donald Trump’s adjustment of U.S. strategy in Afghanistan will alter the dynamics in the United States’ longest war, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Tuesday, because American military commanders will be newly empowered to make decisions based on conditions on the ground, rather than on local politics or other factors. “The fighting will still be borne by the Afghan forces, by their military and their security forces,” Tillerson told reporters in a rare appearance at the State Department briefing room. “We believe that we can turn the tide of…

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Officials say Trump’s Afghan plan involves 3,900 more troops

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s plan to end America’s longest war and eliminate Afghanistan’s rising extremist threat involves sending up to 3,900 additional U.S. troops, senior officials said Tuesday. The first deployments could take place within days. In a national address Monday night, Trump reversed his past calls for a speedy exit and recommitted the United States to the 16-year-old conflict, saying U.S. troops must “fight to win.” He warned against repeating what he said were mistakes in Iraq, where … Read the referenced story here: Officials…

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Mattis Ponders Afghan Troop Surge; Trump Speech Reaction Mixed

Following an announcement by President Donald Trump declaring the United States’ commitment to Afghanistan, Secretary of Defense James Mattis said Tuesday he has not yet made a decision on how many troops to send to the South Asian country. Speaking from Baghdad, Mattis said he is consulting with Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and will make the decision based on his plan. In an evening address from a military base outside Washington Monday, Trump said that he would not talk about numbers of troops or…

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Media: Russia Talks Down Trump’s New Afghan strategy

Russia does not believe that U.S. President Donald Trump’s new strategy on Afghanistan will lead to any significant positive changes in the country, the Interfax news agency cited an unnamed Russian Foreign Ministry source as saying on Tuesday. Trump on Monday committed the United States to an open-ended conflict in Afghanistan, reversing course from his campaign pledges and signaling he would send troops to America’s longest war in “a fight to win.” … Read the referenced story here: Media: Russia Talks Down Trump’s New Afghan strategy

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New Afghan Strategy Will Undo Past Failures

Vice President Mike Pence, USA TodayPresident Trump has no higher priority than the safety and security of the American people. Since the very first day of our administration, he has taken decisive action to protect our citizens, our country and our very way of life — and on Monday, President Trump announced a new strategy for addressing threats from Afghanistan and South Asia that will enhance the security of our homeland and protect our people from those who would do us harm. … Read the referenced story here: New Afghan Strategy…

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Mattis Tight-Lipped on New Afghan Strategy

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says he is satisfied with the process the Trump administration went through to formulate its new strategy for Afghanistan, but he declined to provide details. Speaking in Amman, Mattis said he will not talk about the policy until it is officially disclosed by the White House. Trump said Saturday his administration has decided how to deal with the 16-year war in Afghanistan. One day after meeting at the Camp David presidential retreat with his national security team, Trump tweeted, “Important day spent at Camp David…

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