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‘Bathroom bill’ dies again in Texas as session abruptly ends

AP Photo/Eric Gay AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A Texas “bathroom bill” targeting transgender people died again late Tuesday along with many of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s summer demands as an already bruising legislative session was derailed by Republican backbiting that could preview an even nastier 2018 primary season. It is the second time that North Carolina-style bathroom restrictions have failed to pass in Texas, and Abbott gave no indication he would order weary lawmakers to stay in Austin and try again – which would … Read the referenced┬ástory here: ‘Bathroom…

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Brush Yourself Off And Try Again: An Invention Story

Enlarge this image The MD Brush toothbrush forces users to hold it at the optimal angle relative to their gums. Shuyao Chen/NPR hide caption toggle caption Shuyao Chen/NPR When you want to change the world, a good invention helps. But that’s just the start. Take the story of Mike Davidson and Mike Smith: they wanted to change the world of dental hygiene with a new kind of toothbrush. Three years ago, their brushes were rolling off the assembly line, ready for consumers. But then the pair ran into a business…

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Never Give Unwanted Gifts Again: 5 Rules to Make a Good Gift for Men

Buying gifts for the opposite sex is tricky business. Ladies, does it ever seem like we go above and beyond and still miss the mark? Choosing the best gifts for the men in your life may seem daunting, but it’s possible to overcome the struggle and find the perfect present. Could it be that men and women view gifts differently? Sometimes it seems like men and women are speaking different languages in terms of what they want. Most loved ones–husbands, boyfriends, fathers, and brothers– will appreciate your effort no matter…

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