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Cannabis Clubs: Nevada Ruling Allows Country’s First ‘Marijuana Lounges’

Nevada could become the first state in the U.S. to allow marijuana consumption in public indoor spaces such as lounges, according to a state legal body this week. The ruling could bolster the already thriving business and give smokers more options. Nevada’s Legislative Counsel Bureau on Monday permitted the use of legal marijuana in public areas only if the user is of legal age. State law does not forbid city or county governments from operating a lounge or club dedicated to marijuana use, the bureau said. Cities and counties are permitted to…

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Exhibit allows virtual ‘interviews’ with Holocaust survivors

NEW YORK (AP) — What was it like in a Nazi concentration camp? How did you survive? How has it affected your life since? Technology is allowing people to ask these questions and many more in virtual interviews with actual Holocaust survivors, preparing for a day when the estimated 100,000 Jews remaining from camps, ghettos or hiding under Nazi occupation are no longer alive to give the accounts themselves. An exhibit at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City called “New Dimensions in … Read the referenced story here:…

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