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The two OnePlus 5 colors are almost identical

Chances are you won’t be able to tell the difference between ‘slate grey’ and ‘midnight black.’ The new OnePlus 5 comes in two color options, and damned if they’re not almost identical. Should you opt for the $479 6GB / 64GB OnePlus 5, you’ll get a “slate grey” chassis. Crank your purchase up to 8GB / 128GB for a cheeky $60 extra, and it’s “midnight black” — similar to the murdered-out hue of the midnight black 3T. Dark grey, and a slightly darker dark grey. There’s really very little difference…

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Free Spirit 

The LG G6 is almost certainly going to have Google Assistant

Android Google Assistant is probably coming to the LG G6 for these reasons. The LG G6 is almost certainly going to have Google Assistant, according to a teaser released by the company this week. The company is spending the weeks before its MWC-based announcement hyping up particular aspects of its flagship. We’ve already learned that the phone will be waterproof, and have a screen with very slim bezels, and now there’s reason to believe Google Assistant — or some form of artificial intelligence — will be included. Image: ZDNet One…

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