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Alexa as a Moto Mod is almost a good idea

Your Moto phone can now be a mostly functional Amazon Echo. Cool? The coolest thing about Moto Mods as a concept is the ability to extend the capabilities of your phone with hardware that would be less convenient as a standalone device. When you look at the Projector Mod, the Speaker Mod, and the Gamepad Mod, you see these things perfected as accessories that genuinely improve the experience on both sides of the equation by making each feel like a better product by adding the other half. And then there’s…

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Free Spirit 

The LG G6 is almost certainly going to have Google Assistant

Android Google Assistant is probably coming to the LG G6 for these reasons. The LG G6 is almost certainly going to have Google Assistant, according to a teaser released by the company this week. The company is spending the weeks before its MWC-based announcement hyping up particular aspects of its flagship. We’ve already learned that the phone will be waterproof, and have a screen with very slim bezels, and now there’s reason to believe Google Assistant — or some form of artificial intelligence — will be included. Image: ZDNet One…

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