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Go See It, Eclipse Chasers Urge. ‘Your First Time Is Always Special’

Enlarge this image Retired astrophysicist Fred Espenak (right) and his wife Patricia photographed a total solar eclipse from Jinta, China on Aug. 1, 2008. He’s witnessed 27 such events, and plans to be in Casper, Wyo., on August 21 — depending on the forecast. Courtesy of Fred Espenak hide caption toggle caption Courtesy of Fred Espenak To see this month’s total solar eclipse, the first one to be visible from the contiguous United States in nearly 40 years, all Donald Liebenberg will have to do is open his front door…

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Why You Always Feel So Tired Even After Rest

I used to go home just lying on sofa after work to take rest. Later as I want more time for self-improvement I start to do something else like exercising and reading books. To my surprise, I don’t feel more tired. It actually makes me feel more refreshed. And when I look into what “rest” really is, I found that it’s a poorly understood subject, and that’s why many people often feel so tired even if they “rest” a lot. Letting your mind run free is the quickest path to exhaustion…

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