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America Ferrera on How Triathlons Changed Her Sense of Self : ‘Working Out Has Always Been an Emotional Experience’

[brightcove:4874670933001 default] This article originally appeared on  For years, America Ferrera used to focus on the limitations of what her body could do, and how it looked. But becoming a triathlete helped Ferrera rethink her strength. “This relationship of being disappointed in our bodies is a relationship that I started at a very young age, whether that’s because of the culture around me or the points of views that I was exposed to,” Ferrera, 33, tells Triathlete magazine for their July cover. “I didn’t see a lot of examples…

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Ailes’ political legacy: GOP control in divided America

AP Photo/Ron Edmonds NEW YORK (AP) — Roger Ailes is gone, but the world he created is not. In the wake of the Fox News Channel founder’s death Thursday at 77, leaders in both parties said his TV network’s influence in shaping American politics cannot be overstated. The former Nixon aide played an essential role in shifting the political debate sharply to the right in less than a generation, employing polarizing and, some say, destructive tactics. Yet without him, friends and foes agree, the … Read the referenced story here: Ailes’…

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Intel Leaks Aim at Donald Trump, But Wound America

James Robbins, USA TodayLieutenant General McMaster was responding to an imbroglio that began with Trump’s meeting last week with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak. This in itself — a publicly announced meeting between the chief executive and high ranking Russian officials — seems to qualify as a controversy in some quarters, since the self-styled resistance is in the midst of the biggest anti-Russian hysteria since the McCarthy era. During the meeting, Trump discussed an Islamic State plot to use weaponized laptop computers to…

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