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Anti-Trump Deep-State Leakers Hurting National Security

Douglas MacKinnon, IBDThose in our government’s three-letter and federal agencies who are regularly leaking to the media in an effort to undermine President Trump and cripple his administration are now outraged that the White House is trying to stop their criminal behavior.As a recent headline in the left-of-center P … Read the referenced story here: Anti-Trump Deep-State Leakers Hurting National Security

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The Media’s Endless Anti-Trump Show Trial

George Neumayr, The American SpectatorIt is a measure of the anti-Trump media’s stupidity and malpractice that the phrase “breaking news” now elicits eye rolls. The media’s “breaking news” about Trump is rarely breaking or news. It is usually recycled and old — some stale piece of information, relating to a practice both parties long ago adopted, that is sensationalized and dished up as novel. Into this category falls much of its breathless “Trump-Russia” coverage, including its all-hands-on-deck stories about Donald Trump Jr. … Read the referenced story here: The Media’s Endless…

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