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Best Couch to 5K apps

Get off the couch and running with the help of a 5K training app! Did you have bold plans to start running more at the start of the summer, but things just didn’t pan out? It can be tough to just go out for a free run when you’re maybe still working on your form and endurance. That’s where a running app can come in handy. The most popular smartphone apps for runners are the Couch to 5K training programs. They are typically built around an 8- or 9-week program…

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What’s new in Angular 5: easier progressive web apps

Angular, Google’s popular JavaScript framework for building mobile and desktop applications, has had a whirlwind year, with two major upgrades in the past 11 months. It will reach the next milestone in its six-month release schedule in September, when Angular 5 is due to debut with major accommodations for Google-driven progressive web apps. Despite the “5” designation, the upgrade will actually be just the fourth release for the framework, which already has undergone a rewrite since the 1.0 version, initially called AngularJS, debuted in 2012. Angular 5 is now in…

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