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Political Class Unites in Attempt to Keep Broken Status Quo

Daniel Lee, FederalistAs far back as October 2015, candidate Donald Trump billed himself as duct tape for a broken nation. “I’m going to unify. This country is totally divided,” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper. It turns out he was right about being a unifier, at least in Washington. Our fractured capital is experiencing a new flowering of bipartisanship. Everyone inside the beltway, at least those getting the press coverage, seems to oppose him. … Read the referenced story here: Political Class Unites in Attempt to Keep Broken Status Quo

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[In Depth] Critics assail India’s attempt to ‘validate’ folk remedy

According to Hindu tradition, Indian cows are not only sacred—they are the source of a cure-all for everything from schizophrenia and autism to diabetes and cancer. That elixir is panchagavya, a drink made of cow urine, dung, milk, yogurt, and clarified butter prescribed by practitioners of Ayurveda, or traditional Indian medicine, and spread on fields as well to boost crop yields. Now, India’s science ministry is about to launch a program that aims to "validate" the efficacy of the millennia-old concoction. The program has influential backers. But some prominent researchers…

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