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Snowy plover chick hatches on Oregon beach

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A Western snowy plover chick that hatched on an Oregon beach this spring is the first of its species to emerge successfully in that area in more than 50 years and provides hope that a management plan for the federally threatened species is working, wildlife officials said Wednesday. The chick was the first hatchling spotted in the area along the state’s northern coast since the 1960s. Biologists spotted it around the Nehalam Spit using a viewing scope but have had a … Read the referenced┬ástory here:…

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Do This 30-Minute Beach Workout to Turn Up Your Calorie Burn

Exercising on sand offers not only amazing views but also a huge calorie blast. A study in The Journal of Experimental Biology found that running on sand requires 1.15 times more energy than running on a hard surface. (So for a 150-pound person, a half-hour, three-mile run on the beach would burn around 403 calories, compared with 350 on a typical surface.) Plus, it’s good for your joints—as long as the surface isn’t too slanted (instability can be tough on your hips and cause muscle imbalances).  Try this 30-minute interval workout,…

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