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Beautiful Oddities Of Joshua Tree

The silhouette of a Joshua tree in Hidden Valley. The orange glow is the result of light pollution from cities to the south. Desert habitats are ecological peculiarities. They are harsh environments, typically with sand and rock instead of rich soil and running water. Their evaporation rates tend to exceed precipitation rates. And even though desert habitats can harbor a surprising diversity of life, their harsh conditions do not favor abundance. Instead, the plants and animals that live there have special adaptations to deal with the … Read the referenced…

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Scientists Prepare For ‘The Most Beautiful Thing You Can See In The Sky’

Enlarge this image Montana State University Eclipse Ballooning Project team members (from left) Garrett Hilton, Katherine Lee, Berk Knighton and Micaela Moreni prepare to launch a high-altitude balloon during a test flight on June 22 near Rexburg, Idaho. During the Aug. 21 solar eclipse, teams across the nation will live-stream video footage of the eclipse as part of the MSU-led project. Kelly Gorham/Montana State University hide caption toggle caption Kelly Gorham/Montana State University You might think that, after thousands of years of observing total solar eclipses, science-minded folks would have…

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