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Become a certified AWS solution architect with this $49 bundle!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s leading cloud computing platform, used by many of your favorite online services, including Netflix, Spotify, and Shazam. AWS pros are in high demand, but special training is required to master the tools. If you’re new to AWS, you need a course that covers the fundamentals of cloud computing. Unfortunately, this type of training — with certification included — is usually quite expensive. Right now, however, Android Central Digital Offers has a deal on an AWS Solution Architect certification training bundle. Instead of the…

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Republicans Become the Party of the Little Guy

Keith Koffler, White House DossierFollow the money. Because, even though Democrats don’t like it, money is speech. It speaks louder than words. And those who believe in something put their money where their mouth is. As they say. If you want evidence that President Trump’s populist revolution has made the Republican Party the party of the people, look no further than the money. The donations. … Read the referenced story here: Republicans Become the Party of the Little Guy

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Why Did Stephen Paddock Become a Murderer?

Toby Harnden, Sunday TimesLooking down from room 134 on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay casino hotel, Stephen Paddock had a commanding view of the famous Las Vegas Strip. From his perch in the golden skyscraper he could see the country music fans crammed into the open-air venue last Sunday for the final night of the Route 91 Harvest festival. Jason Aldean, the last act, was on the stage about 400 yards away just beginning his hit song When She Says Baby. … Read the referenced story here: Why Did…

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Become a Professional Designer in a Few Minutes With Canva

No matter what jobs you do, a project will involve one or more of design-related tasks such as editing photos, creating special presentation slides, creating posters, wallpapers and unique imagery. If you’re not a designer, you have a few basic options: Hire one. It can be expensive; the average freelance designer rate is about $75-$150/hour now.[1] Use tools like Photoshop or InDesign yourself. It’s often complicated and can take many steps to achieve something relatively basic. In both situations, time, effort, money are expanded. What if there was a simpler…

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