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Coffee, Wine, and Beer Accessories Gift Guide

Everyone loves a good drink. Whether it’s coffee, wine, beer or something a little bit stronger, these gifts are perfect to quell that thirst. From The Periodic Table of Wine to GrowlerWerks’ Pressurized Growler, there’s something here for every price range. Yeti Roadie 20 CoolerMade for the rough and tumble, and designed to keep your water in its frozen state, this cooler is also the perfect size for one-day events like tailgating or hiking.Amazon$199.99WishlistInstant 1-Button Electric Wine AeratorIf you’re drinking your wine straight from the bottle without letting it breathe,…

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Waste Not, Want Not: Drink Beer To Feed Fish And Help Save The Planet

Enlarge this image Forage fish like these at a Chilean processing plant are often used for fish meal used in aquaculture. But critics consider this inefficient and wasteful and worry it could deplete fish populations. Now several companies are developing protein substitutes to replace fish meal. Julio Etchart/ullstein bild via Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Julio Etchart/ullstein bild via Getty Images In Westfield, N.Y., perch, bass, catfish and trout are growing fat on the byproducts of an adjacent brewery and distillery. The fish, still young but intended to be…

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