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Girl says her mom asked for forgiveness before stabbing her

AP Photo/John Bazemore ATLANTA (AP) — Everyone was asleep when Isabel Martinez began stabbing her children and then fatally stabbed her husband as he tried seek help, her daughter told a child welfare caseworker. Diana Romero, 9, said her mother told her she loved her and asked for forgiveness before cutting her. Martinez told the girl she was “going to the sky to see Jesus,” and the girl cried and told her mother she didn’t want to go see Jesus. A report from the … Read the referenced story here: Girl…

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A Tax Cut Victory Before Labor Day

Forbes, Kudlow, Laffer & Moore, Investor’s Biz DailyPresident Trump and Republican leaders in Congress must act with much more urgency and decisiveness on tax cuts. In recent weeks the tax cut agenda seems stalled out and the delays and indecision are negatively affecting growth and the stock market. We hear that a tax plan from the White House may not come until the fall and may not even pass Congress until 2018 – if at all. … Read the referenced story here: A Tax Cut Victory Before Labor Day

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