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Spirit Airlines Being Investigated After Spewing Metal Parts During Engine Failure

Spirit Airlines is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) after a recent flight reportedly spewed plane parts into the yards of Detroit homes. Flight 569 from Michigan to Atlanta was forced to return to Detroit Metropolitan Airport after it experienced engine failure, according to reports. The incident reportedly occurred within 10 minutes of takeoff. An unidentified passenger aboard the flight told the Detroit Free Press over email that they heard “a large bang and the plane started to shake and shudder [sic]” during ascent at approximately 5,000 feet…

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Tucker Carlson Is Sorry for Being Mean

Stephen Rodrick, GQ MagazineWhen Tucker Carlson was an upperclassman at Trinity College in Connecticut, the CIA came to campus to recruit from among the graduating seniors. The campus went a little cuckoo: The lefties protested, and the conservative kids played patriotic music to welcome the men from Langley. … Read the referenced story here: Tucker Carlson Is Sorry for Being Mean

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Tarps Covering Confederate Statues are Being Ripped Down

Officials in Charlottesville, Virginia, are trying to stop people from ripping down tarps that cover statues of Confederate generals. The Daily Progress reported Tuesday that the city has placed plastic fencing around the monuments to Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. The tarps have been ripped down six times.   The coverings are a gesture of mourning for Heather Heyer. She was killed Aug. 12 when a car plowed into a group of people at a rally in which white nationalists and counterprotesters clashed. NBC 29 reported Monday that rally…

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