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Philanthropists Pledge Millions for Better UN Data on Women

Philanthropists pledged millions of dollars Thursday to fund U.N. data gathering, saying it was vital to learn more about the world’s women to tackle the poverty that disproportionately affects them. Pledges totaling $34 million were unveiled during a side event of the United Nations’ annual General Assembly, a weeklong meeting in New York of world leaders and diplomats. U.N. Women, the U.N. arm dedicated to gender equality, has programs in 107 countries through which it seeks to give women who are disenfranchised the same opportunities as men. Recent research by…

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Afghan President Says Trump War Plan Has Better Chance Than Obama’s

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said on Wednesday that U.S. President Donald Trump’s strategy to win the war in Afghanistan will work where his predecessor’s failed because the Afghan army is stronger and Trump wants a regional approach and a harder line with Pakistan. Ghani also said that former president Barack Obama “did not have a partner in Afghanistan,” implicitly criticizing former Afghan president Hamid Karzai, who frequently disdained U.S. policy and the U.S.-led international military force. “President Trump is not just an individual [but] a team of partners in Afghanistan,”…

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Yes, Some Questions Are Better Than Others

Enlarge this image mihailomilovanovic/Getty Images To appreciate that some questions are better than others, it helps to consider a few examples of questions that are bad. To find them, try playing Twenty Questions with a young child. In trying to guess an animal, a young child might ask: Is it a koala? Is it an elephant? (Not: Is it a mammal? Does it live in Africa?) These are bad questions in the sense that they’re unlikely to yield an efficient solution to the problem of discovering the animal one’s adversary…

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How You Can Maintain A Healthier And Better Sex Experience By Understanding Women’s Sexuality

You’re at home, relaxing, watching TV when you notice your female partner walk by. You think: “she looks good.” And you find yourself suddenly thinking about sex. You walk over to playfully put your arms around her and suggest going to the bedroom. Except that instead of turning around and kissing you passionately, like you had hoped, she rolls her eyes, removes your hands from her waist and says: “are you kidding me!?” There is a pervasive belief that men are always in the mood to have sex while women…

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