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Vote on Sweeping Tax Bill Expected in US Senate

With control of the U.S. Congress up for grabs next year, the Senate is days away from an expected vote on a major tax bill that Republicans say will make American corporations more competitive globally but that Democrats say will force the United States to borrow even more from China and other foreign creditors. “For too long, we have been losing jobs to overseas competitors, in part because our businesses pay some of the highest taxes in the industrialized world,” said Republican Senator John Thune of South Dakota in a…

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Democrats Have Lost Bill Clinton’s Winning Formula

Jonathan Tobin, New York PostCommemorating the 25 years since the 1992 presidential election may have seemed like a great idea when the geniuses at the Clinton Foundation began planning a big party for their boss. But the celebration held last weekend coincided with the epidemic of famous men accused of sexual harassment or assault, which reminded us of Bill Clinton’s equally horrible behavior. … Read the referenced story here: Democrats Have Lost Bill Clinton’s Winning Formula

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How ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ Explains Republican Tax Bill

Ruth Marcus, Washington PostThe supposed price tag for the Republican tax bill is $1.5 trillion over 10 years. Republicans would have you believe that the measure would sprinkle enough magical growth dust throughout the economy to wipe out that cost. Don’t believe them, but also: Don’t believe for a moment that the bill would cost a mere — mere! — $1.5 trillion. Peel away the budget tricks and it becomes clear that the real price tag would be hundreds of billions of dollars higher. … Read the referenced story here: How…

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