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New limbs for growing bodies: Mutilated albinos get refitted

AP Photo/Matt Rourke NEW YORK (AP) — Baraka Cosmas, 7, is missing half his right arm. Mwigulu Matonange, 14, lost his left arm. Emmanuel Festo, 15, lost his right, plus the fingers of his left hand. Pendo Sengerema, 16, had an arm severed at the elbow. These youngsters from Tanzania are not limbless by accident or through some genetic glitch. Their amputations were the work of human hunters with machetes who believed children with albinism – born without pigment instead of the brown skin … Read the referenced┬ástory here: New…

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We Feel Empty Because Our Bodies Aren’t Evolved to Cope With the Current Lifestyle

Do you ever get that feeling that things just aren’t right? You don’t feel connected with the world around you? You know how you should act, how you should feel, but you’re not quite connecting with your emotions… a numbness you can’t shake off. Summed up in a word, this is ‘Emptiness’. It’s a sign that perhaps your mental health is not quite optimal. Maybe you’re stressed and anxious, or experiencing some mild depression without even knowing it. Trust me when I say ‘You’re not alone’. Also trust me when…

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