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Razer looking to build gaming-focused phone with fresh funds from stock IPO

Well, this is an expected turn of events. Razer is developing a gaming-focused smartphone, but the launch could potentially hinge on whether it can raise money from the stock market with an IPO (initial public offering) in Hong Kong. The potential IPO could value the gaming hardware company at up to $5 billion, making it one of the biggest IPOs in years. Rumor has it the offering could come as soon as October. With the funding from offering its stock publicly, Razer hopes to push into the smartphone market —…

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How to Build Confidence From Scratch

Michael Edwards, better known as Eddie “The Eagle” is a British skier whom no one believed in him before he made it to the world champion. Eddie was slightly overweight, extremely near sighted (he wore thick glasses) trained in second hand equipment. At times he even stayed in a disused finish mental hospital as he couldn’t afford genuine accommodation. Many people came to doubt his ability as a skier. He would have suffered from low self confidence and never had endured all this, and never made it to the Olympics;…

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