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Toys ‘R’ Us Considering $2 Billion IPO For Asia Business: Report

Toys “R” Us announced in September it filed for bankruptcy in the face of declines in revenue, given the price competition from online retailers and its inability to service debt. While the company’s North American business is in the doldrums, it seems to be doing quite well in Asia, where a report Tuesday claimed it was considering a $2 billion initial public offering (IPO). The Asian subsidiary, Toys “R” Us Asia, was set up in 1986, and the parent company holds about 85 percent stake in it, the rest owned…

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White House: $4,000 more for families with business tax cuts

AP Photo/Evan Vucci WASHINGTON (AP) — By slashing corporate tax rates, the Trump administration said Monday, the average U.S. household will get an estimated $4,000 more a year. This stunning 5 percent increase is likely to be met with skepticism from tax experts and Democratic lawmakers. Spread across every U.S. household, the White House analysis claims it would generate “conservatively” an income jump totaling $504 billion, or about $200 billion more than the revenues currently generated by the corporate income tax. With this new … Read the referenced story here: White…

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US, Mexican Business Leaders Say No NAFTA Better Than Bad Deal

U.S. and Mexican CEOs gathered in Mexico City on Wednesday said it would be better to live with no North American Free Trade Agreement than be saddled with a bad deal, as industry braces for the end of a treaty that drives $1 trillion in annual trade. The CEO meeting ran in parallel to talks near Washington aimed at refreshing the 1994 agreement, with Mexico, Canada and businesses united in opposition to a number of radical U.S. proposals they say would damage the North American economy. U.S. President Donald Trump…

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How to generate 20 potential business ideas in 10 minutes

If you’re looking for a business idea, here’s some reassuring advice: It doesn’t have to be revolutionary. You don’t have to think up the next Amazon or Paypal or LinkedIn. In fact, the best place to start is with the things you already know. That’s according to GrowthLab and I Will Teach You to Be Rich CEO Ramit Sethi. “I know it’s difficult to imagine that you might have profitable skills already — but you do,” he writes on his site. In his words, here are the four questions you’ll…

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