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Do You Want To Save Money on Buying Drinks At The Cinema?

Have you ever been stopped from bringing your own drinks into concerts, the cinema or sporting events? How about when you’re out running and need to carry a bottle with you to stay hydrated. Does that get in the way of your running? If you’ve suffered from these problems, then fortunately, we’ve found the perfect product to help you out. Sneak Your Favorite Drink with You Wherever You Go As the picture above shows, Flask Hoodie is an ingenious clothing product that is designed to allow you to take your…

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Broadcom buying Qualcomm could grind innovation to a screeching halt

Qualcomm is a tech success story that might be coming to an untimely end. Most everyone has heard about Broadcom positioning itself to buy out Qualcomm. I’ll leave the complete financial strategy for the experts to sort through, but the gist is that Broadcom is trying to spend $70 per share (over $100 billion in total) to buy out Qualcomm, who wants no part of it. Many on Wall Street like the idea, as Broadcom will likely be able to play nice with Apple and Intel so stock prices rise…

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