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How to move apps to your SD card on the Galaxy Note 8

A little storage management can go a long way. Samsung knows that simply having an SD card slot in its phones increases sales. What you actually do with that slot is up to you. One of the historically popular use cases is to move apps over to the card to save as much of the internal storage as possible for things that can’t be moved over. While not every app can be moved to the Galaxy Note 8‘s SD card, many can — here’s how to get it done, and…

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AP NewsBreak: Medicare card remake to protect seniors

WASHINGTON (AP) — Medicare cards are getting a makeover to fight identity theft. No more Social Security numbers plastered on the card. Next April, Medicare will begin mailing every beneficiary a new card with a unique new number to identify them. “Criminals are increasingly targeting people age 65 and older for medical identity theft,” Medicare chief Seema Verma told The Associated Press. “We are committed to preventing fraud.” Medicare is revealing the cards’ new design on Thursday as the government gears up for a massive … Read the referenced┬ástory here:…

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