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Trump’s Presidential Report Card Is Not Pretty

Fred Barnes, The Weekly StandardThere are many ways to judge a presidentâ??polls, approval ratings, legislative successes, foreign breakthroughs, memorable speeches, and historic moments. But there’s a better way than any of these, and Fred Greenstein, a professor of politics emeritus at Princeton University, has developed it.Rather than rely on what others think, the Greenstein method is to judge a president by his performance in officeâ??that is, his effectiveness. Put another way, does the president offer strong and persuasive leadership? Polls and ratings don’t always capture this.Greenstein originally assessed… … Read…

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7 Business Card Holders for You To Look Professional at External Meetings

People exchange business cards all the time at business events, from conference, happy hours, seminars, lunch meetings, or product launches. You probably have a few business cards in your wallet already with this in mind. But having just a few business cards in your wallet won’t cut it. Cards easily crinkle or crumble on the edges, rendering them totally unprofessional-looking. And your wallet any hold so many cards before they start to bulge or fall out. These cards must be stored in a sturdier and more professional holder. Having a…

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