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Charlie Gard Case Threatens All Parents

Melissa Moschella, USA TodayWould experimental medical treatment be in Charlie’s Gard’s best interests? Or should he be taken off of life support and allowed to die? And who should decide his fate? From a medical ethics perspective, both courses of action are permissible in principle. If Charlie were an adult and had made his wishes known in a living will (or through a health care proxy), those wishes would be followed without controversy. An adult patient would never be barred from seeking further treatment (no matter how small or uncertain…

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Justice Kennedy's opinion in 2015 case looms in U.S. travel ban fight

Top Stories: WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Justice Anthony Kennedy’s legal reasoning in a little-noticed 2015 U.S. Supreme Court immigration ruling could play a pivotal role in deciding the fate of President Donald Trump’s travel ban if the high court eventually decides the matter. Justice Kennedy’s opinion in 2015 case looms in U.S. travel ban fight

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