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Native American Pow Wows Celebrate Patriotism, Unity

It’s pow wow season in the United States, a time when Native American nations, bands and tribes gather to connect, celebrate tribal histories and cultures, and express their patriotism.  On any given weekend this summer, a pow wow is taking place somewhere in the country, an expression of unity within and between Native communities. “Pow wow” derives from an old Algonquian word that referred to a gathering of spiritual healers celebrating successful hunts, battles or trade.  In 1883, the government banned “old heathenish dances,” worried they would “stimulate the warlike…

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Free Spirit 

Celebrate your love of Android with a limited-edition t-shirt!

Android Treat yourself or your loved one this Valentine’s Day! Candy is beautiful and roses are yummy — or is that the other way around? — but clothing is essential. So is Android. That’s why we think it’s the perfect time to buy an I ❤️ Android t-shirt, hoodie, or coffee mug. The deal expires on Valentine’s Day, February 14. That’s only a few days away, but you can still get it delivered before next week if you hurry. You do love Android, don’t you? You can get the t-shirt…

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