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Trump Returns to a Changed White House

President Donald Trump is concluding a 17-day working vacation with a return to a changed White House on Sunday evening. While the president was away, a $3.4-million renovation was completed. It included improving the information technology system, placing new carpeting in West Wing rooms, including the Oval Office, and fixing leaks (of the liquid kind) in the press offices. The most significant alteration, however, was the removal of Stephen Bannon from the White House. The chief strategist had clashed with members of Trump’s inner circle, including his daughter Ivanka and…

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How Eclipses Changed History

[embedded content] NPR’s Skunk Bear YouTube In July of 1878, Vassar professor Maria Mitchell led a team of astronomers to the new state of Colorado to observe a total solar eclipse. In a field outside of Denver, they watched as the sun went dark and a feathery fan of bright tendrils — the solar corona — faded into view. But the expedition wasn’t just about catching a rare and beautiful display. Maria Mitchell was one of the earliest campaigners for equal pay. Her entire crew was female. They weren’t yet…

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I Insisted That I Can’t Meditate. Then I Changed My Mind.

In our fast-paced society today, we seem to be in a constant struggle to keep up. While the advancement of technology has its benefits, we are now being constantly bombarded with information and feel pressured to connect and respond all the time. As a result, we often feel stressed, overwhelmed, and in a constant state of anxiety. Maintaining such a frenetic lifestyle is clearly unsustainable for our physical and emotional health. Yet, despite this, we continue to pound at a furious pace to get ahead. If this describes you and…

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