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GOP, Democratic Senators Back Bill to Bolster FBI Gun Checks

A bipartisan group of senators has reached agreement on legislation to ensure federal agencies and state governments accurately report relevant criminal history to the FBI’s database of prohibited gun buyers. Congress has taken no steps on guns in the weeks after deadly shootings in Las Vegas and Texas. The bill has the backing over several GOP and Democratic senators, including the No. 2 Republican, John Cornyn of Texas.   The measure comes after the Air Force’s acknowledgement that the shooter at a small Texas church should have had his name…

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Poll: Most US Voters Favor Background Checks for Gun Purchases

A new Quinnipiac University public opinion poll shows U.S. voters who support universal background checks for gun purchases has reached a new high since Quinnipiac first started asking the question in 2013. The poll released Wednesday found 95 percent of voters favor uniform background checks for gun purchases. Most voters continue to believe it is too easy to purchase a firearm in the United States, but a majority doubt that more stringent gun control laws would help avert mass shootings, the poll said. About 60 percent of voters would like…

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