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New Evidence of a Politically Tainted Clinton Investigation

Peter Hasson, Daily CallerA series of new revelations about the FBI under James Comey has provided more evidence that partisan agents may have abused their agency positions for political purposes during the Hillary Clinton ema … Read the referenced┬ástory here: New Evidence of a Politically Tainted Clinton Investigation

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US Senator Says Comey’s Remarks on Clinton Probe Were Heavily Edited

A draft statement former FBI Director James Comey prepared in anticipation of concluding the Hillary Clinton email case without criminal charges was heavily edited to change the “tone and substance” of the remarks, a Republican senator said Thursday. Some of the edits of the May 2016 draft, obtained by The Associated Press, appear to soften the gravity of the bureau’s findings. Comey, for instance, initially wrote that the FBI believed that Clinton and her aides were “grossly negligent” in their handling of classified information, language also used in the relevant…

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Real Collusion Was Obama DOJ and Clinton Campaign

Andrew McCarthy, FOX NewsAs I understand it and as Comey testified to a closed session, according to The Wall Street Journal as then FBI director Comey testified to a closed session of the House Intelligence Committee in March, the reason they hadn’t brought any case against Flynn at that point was because the agents that interviewed him believed him and that was [Peter] Strzok. So the fact that Flynn ended up pleaded guilty to lying in that interview was not Strzok’s idea. Evidently, Strzok was not pushing that. That was…

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