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Cold Pea Salad

Long warm summer days are perfect for chilled pea salad! This recipe uses frozen peas, which you don’t even have to defrost, green onions, water chestnuts, and smoked almonds. The peas do thaw a bit, but they’re wonderful crunchy and cold too. I first encountered this delightful salad at a friend’s potluck. It was one of the dishes that everyone went back for for seconds. I’m not sure of the original source of the recipe, but since the recipes calls for Smokehouse Almonds, perhaps the almond company? It could easily be made with…

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How Trump Unleashed a Cold War Within America

Peter Savodnik, Vanity FairFor at least a decade, Americans have been obsessing over the new Cold War about to break out between Russia and the West. In 2007, the much-anticipated tipping point was the Bush administration’s plan to install missile interceptors in Poland and the Czech Republic. In 2008, it was Russia invading Georgia. In 2009, it was Russia turning off the gas to Europe. In 2014, the invasion of Ukraine. In 2016, Russian meddling in U.S. elections. In 2017, Washington imposing sanctions on Moscow for that meddling. This has…

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