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The Search for Police Racism Has Come to This

Heather Mac Donald, City JournalThe attempt to find systemic police bias has come to this: the difference between an officer saying “uh” and saying “that, that’s.” According to Stanford University researchers, police officers in Oakland, California, use one of those verbal tics more often with white drivers and the other more often with black drivers. If you can guess which tic conveys “respect” and which “disrespect,” you may have a career ahead of you in the exploding field of bias psychology. … Read the referenced┬ástory here: The Search for Police…

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Google Allo has finally come to the web browser

Google Allo now has a desktop client, available from any web browser. Google’s Allo messaging client is nearing its first birthday, and the service is finally launching one of the biggest components of other messaging apps: a desktop client. I didn’t use Allo at all for the first nine months of its existence because I could not have my phone at my previous job, and no web interface meant I could not use the service during the day. Google teased a web interface back in February, but there wasn’t been…

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DC Hasn’t Come to Grips with Trump’s Presidency

Michael Goodwin, New York PostFrom warnings of fire and fury to declarations of locked and loaded, President Trump is dealing with the North Korean crisis his way. Naturally, heads are exploding all over Washington. You canâ?¦ … Read the referenced┬ástory here: DC Hasn’t Come to Grips with Trump’s Presidency

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