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Kobach’s Looking-Glass Commission

AP Photo/Orlin Wagner, File There was a surreal quality to the presidential “election integrity” commission’s first meeting on Wednesday, which was streamed live from a government building next to the White House, but was not open to the public. President Trump strode in to declare that “this is not a Democrat or Republican issue” and hail the “bipartisan” nature of a commission that’s headed by two Republicans and dominated by GOP members. He pledged a “very transparent process” that “will be open for everybody to see,” on a commission that’s already…

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Trump: Voter Fraud Commission Will Be ‘Very Transparent’

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday said a voter fraud commission launched under his administration will be “very transparent” and the results will be made available publicly, once a report is written. The panel’s work will be “very open for everyone to see” Trump said during the commission’s first meeting. “You will approach this important task with a very open mind and with no conclusions already drawn. You will fairly and objectively follow the facts wherever they may lead,” he told the group. The commission met to swear in members,…

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Trump’s Election Commission Has Been a Disaster

Dahlia Lithwick, SlateHere is a man who has pledged the better part of his legal career to ensuring that fewer people can voteand to treating any and all immigrants—documented or otherwise—like criminals. Here is a man, in short, who had a meeting with destiny. … Read the referenced story here: Trump’s Election Commission Has Been a Disaster

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