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Kennedy, Clinton & Weinstein: A Convenient Reckoning

Jim Geraghty, National ReviewIn April, the historical drama Chappaquiddick will arrive in theaters. Variety declared the film a tense, scrupulous, absorbingly precise and authentic piece of history — a tabloid scandal attached to a smoke-filled-room travesty. The reviewer, Owen Gleiberman, suggested that the film could spur a dramatic reevaluation of the Liberal Lion of the Senate: Ted Kennedy should, by all rights, have stood trial for involuntary manslaughter, which would likely have ended his political career. The fact that the Kennedy family — the original postwar dynasty of the one…

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Dash! The Convenient Way to Grocery Shop Without Going to the Store

Have you ever come home from grocery shopping and start to put the items away only to realize that you forgot a few vital things? It might not seem like a big deal, but sometimes those items were the whole reason that you decided to go shopping in the first place. Things like toilet paper, dish detergent, or coffee. Now you have to go back out to get them which can not only be frustrating, but time consuming as well. Now you have to interrupt your entire schedule to retrieve…

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