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Philanthropists Pledge Millions for Better UN Data on Women

Philanthropists pledged millions of dollars Thursday to fund U.N. data gathering, saying it was vital to learn more about the world’s women to tackle the poverty that disproportionately affects them. Pledges totaling $34 million were unveiled during a side event of the United Nations’ annual General Assembly, a weeklong meeting in New York of world leaders and diplomats. U.N. Women, the U.N. arm dedicated to gender equality, has programs in 107 countries through which it seeks to give women who are disenfranchised the same opportunities as men. Recent research by…

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U.S. carriers offer free calls, texts and data after Hurricane Maria and Mexico City earthquake

Carriers are offering free calls, texts and data following Hurricane Maria and the latest Mexican earthquake. As Hurricane Maria continues to make its way along the East Coast of the United States (after already destroying numerous Carribean islands), AT&T and T-Mobile have announced they will be waiving fees for calls and text messages sent to affected areas, as well as offering unlimited calls, texts and data to customers inside the affected regions. We have not heard if Verizon or Sprint will offer similar service, but we will update this post…

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