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Texas couple survives being stranded 6 days in rural Utah

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Texas couple who set out for a day trip to Lake Powell while on vacation in southern Utah ended up narrowly surviving six harrowing days stranded on a rocky, desolate dirt road that was impassable in their rental car, authorities said Friday. Helena Byler, 78, was found lying on the road Oct. 2 by a rancher who happened to be checking on his cattle in the area of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Kane County Chief Deputy Alan Alldredge … Read the referenced┬ástory here:…

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Amnesty Marks 100 Days of Detention for Turkey Staff, as Ankara’s Rift With West Grows

Human rights group Amnesty International has held events to mark 100 days since several of its Turkish staff were detained in Istanbul. Prosecutors filed terror charges against the activists this week, the latest trials in a widespread crackdown that has soured relations between Ankara and its Western allies, culminating this week in the mutual suspension of visa services between the United States and Turkey. Henry Ridgwell reports from London. … Read the referenced story here: Amnesty Marks 100 Days of Detention for Turkey Staff, as Ankara’s Rift With West Grows

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Google Store honors trade-in quotes 30 days after you get your new phone

Google is updating its trade-in policy so that customers now have 30 days from the date their new Pixel is delivered to return their old device for the quoted price they were originally given. Late last month, Google introduced a trade-in program on the Google Store. Buying a new Pixel or Pixel 2 gives you the option to trade in your old phone to help offset the cost of your purchase, and with Google offering as much as $410 for a Pixel XL, it’s one of the better programs of…

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