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Will Trump Keep Swimming With the Democrats?

Jeffrey Frank, The New YorkerHe does keep surprising us, doesn’t he? The quasi-alliance that sprang up between Donald Trump and Democratic leaders on issues such as hurricane aid may not last long—it’s fraying already—but then party loyalty has never been Trump’s thing. One need only recall the first Republican debate, more than two years ago, with ten Presidential aspirants on the main stage. (There were seven more at the “undercard” event.) One of the first questions was posed by Fox News’s Bret Baier, who asked for a show of hands:…

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Dancing With the Democrats Will Not Save Trump

Walter Shapiro, Roll CallMemo to the Democrats: Figure out how far Donald Trump is willing to travel on the ground before he gets bored and restless. Whatever the number is for our short-attention-span president (maybe a mile by golf cart and 10 miles by limousine), the Democrats should agree to build a border wall of precisely that length. Consider it a Potemkin Wall. … Read the referenced story here: Dancing With the Democrats Will Not Save Trump

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