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Trump Administration in ‘Full-court’ Diplomatic Press at UN

For an administration that came to office nine months ago with precious little foreign policy experience, President Donald Trump and his team are making a remarkable splash at this week’s United Nations General Assembly gathering.   From his headline-grabbing barbs pointed at North Korea, Iran and Venezuela, to his four-day marathon of meetings with world leaders, Trump — with his blunt, some would say simplistic style — is pushing for diplomatic breakthroughs that have evaded even the most seasoned statesmen. Sitting alongside Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas Wednesday, he talked hopefully…

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Trump and Guterres — a Diplomatic Odd Couple

Stewart Patrick & Megan Roberts, CNNIf Donald Trump stays on task during the UN General Assembly and with the help of Nikki Haley, the Trump administration might find common ground with Secretary-General Antonio Guterres around issues of reforms to the UN, say Stewart Patrick and Megan Roberts. … Read the referenced story here: Trump and Guterres — a Diplomatic Odd Couple

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