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Stop Waiting For Your Dream Job and Go Ask For It

If you were looking for a new job, how would you go about finding one? Instinctively you’d probably start off by filtering through all of the common job archive websites; Craigslist, Indeed, Monster, etc. in order to find something related to your field. Which is fine, if you don’t mind settling. We have been programmed to work this way, to take whatever job is convenient in order to pay the bills and support our lifestyle. For many this system works well enough. But this is how people fall into complacent…

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An Open Letter to Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Dream Is Real

Jason Hill, CommentaryI read your book Between the World and Me, an elegant and poetic elegy written to your son on “the question,” as you put it, “of how one should live within a black body, within a country lost in the [American] Dream.” In the book, you reflect on your revelatory experiences, from the fears you felt growing up in your neighborhood in Baltimore to attending Howard University to visiting the South Side of Chicago to your relentless study of African history to your reckoning with the meaning of…

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Family’s Dream Vacation Ruined After Ryanair Is Forced To Cancel Flights

A family’s long-awaited vacation came to a bitter halt Tuesday after Irish budget carrier Ryanair announced it would be cancelling their flight. The family, who saved for the trip for 12 months, were told the Malaga, Spain-bound flight was canceled roughly 45 minutes before they boarded. The airline told International Business Times in a statement that the cancellation occurred as a result of a strike by French air-traffic controllers and “was entirely beyond our control.” More than 20,000 passengers were affected Tuesday as a result. The Roffee family had reportedly scrimped and…

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