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What Really Drives China’s North Korea Policy?

Shulsky & Libby, RealClearPoliticsLast week, China weakened a UN Security Council resolution against North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs by excluding an embargo on oil sales to Pyongyang. Nonetheless, Secretary of State Tillerson urged China, as a great power, to embargo such sales unilaterally. It seems unlikely that even the Secretary believes his request will be honored. … Read the referenced story here: What Really Drives China’s North Korea Policy?

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[Report] Precipitation drives global variation in natural selection

Climate change has the potential to affect the ecology and evolution of every species on Earth. Although the ecological consequences of climate change are increasingly well documented, the effects of climate on the key evolutionary process driving adaptation—natural selection—are largely unknown. We report that aspects of precipitation and potential evapotranspiration, along with the North Atlantic Oscillation, predicted variation in selection across plant and animal populations throughout many terrestrial biomes, whereas temperature explained little variation. By showing that selection was influenced by climate variation, our results indicate that climate change may…

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