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Fatah Calls for ‘Angry Protests’ During Pence Visit to Jerusalem

The political party of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has called for “angry protests” during the visit to Jerusalem next week of U.S. Vice President Mike Pence. “We call for angry protests at the entrances to Jerusalem and in its Old City to coincide with the visit on Wednesday of U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and to protest against [U.S. President Donald] Trump’s decision,” Fatah said Saturday. Trump angered Palestinians this month when he announced that the United States would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, reversing a delicate policy…

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Grab a new messenger bag or backpack during Amazon’s one-day Timbuk2 sale

Carry your stuff from here to Ti…. well, you know. Amazon is having a huge one-day sale on Timbuk2 backpacks and bags. This sale includes messenger bags, backpacks and duffel bags, like the Command Laptop Messenger Bag. In the Surplus color and Large size, it’s going for $83 compared to a regular price of $159. It has never gone that low before. Not all sizes and colors on sale, so here’s a few that are with the specific qualities to look for: This is an Amazon Gold Box deal so…

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In Afghanistan, US Destroys $80M in Drug Money During Counter-Taliban Campaign

American military officials say the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan has destroyed 25 illegal drug-processing laboratories in Helmand province, eliminating $80 million in narcotics money during the first three weeks of an air campaign aimed at countering Taliban revenue. Speaking via teleconference from Kabul, U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Lance Bunch told reporters $16 million of the $80 million in destroyed funds was set for “direct revenue” to the drug lords’ Taliban partners. The air campaign marks the first time in 16 years that counter-Taliban forces have used air power to…

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[Report] Layer-specific modulation of neocortical dendritic inhibition during active wakefulness

γ-Aminobutyric acid (GABA)ergic inputs are strategically positioned to gate synaptic integration along the dendritic arbor of pyramidal cells. However, their spatiotemporal dynamics during behavior are poorly understood. Using an optical-tagging electrophysiological approach to record and label somatostatin-expressing (Sst) interneurons (GABAergic neurons specialized for dendritic inhibition), we discovered a layer-specific modulation of their activity in behaving mice. Sst interneuron subtypes, residing in different cortical layers and innervating complementary laminar domains, exhibited opposite activity changes during transitions to active wakefulness. The relative weight of vasoactive intestinal peptide–expressing (Vip) interneuron–mediated inhibition of distinct…

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