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Elite thoroughbred race horses killed in California wildfire

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Hundreds of elite thoroughbred race horses sprinted away from flames Thursday as one of California’s major wildfires tore through a training center in San Diego County. Not all made it. There was no official count of how many animals were killed in the hazy confusion as both horses and humans evacuated, but trainers at San Luis Rey Downs estimated that at least a dozen had died, possibly far more. Horses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars who are usually carefully walked … Read the referenced story here:…

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Trump Has Made Our Political Elite Class Irrelevant

Lewandowski & Bossie, FOX NewsWe were two eyewitnesses to history and wrote about our experiences in our new book “Let Trump Be Trump.” Donald J. Trump went from a well-known businessman with a hit television show to a long shot presidential candidate. Both of us then watched as Mr. Trump went from underdog to Republican front runner in record time. We then saw the most unexpected general election win in modern day political history. The reason why is that he is a unique and tough as nails individual who does…

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