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For Border States Michigan and Arizona, NAFTA Is Essential

Studley & Hamer, RCPAs the presidents of two border-state chambers of commerce, we know firsthand of the power of the North American Free Trade Agreement. NAFTA is an indispensable component of our states’ economic prosperity. Not surprisingly, our states’ international neighbors represent our largest trading partners. And for each of us, the other NAFTA partner country is our second-largest export market … Read the referenced story here: For Border States Michigan and Arizona, NAFTA Is Essential

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12 Essential Tools That We Can’t Live Without

Did you know that every single recipe on Simply Recipes goes through a rigorous process of development, testing, and editing before it gets shared on the site? It’s true! We want to make sure you’re only getting the very best when it comes to your meals and desserts. Given the fact that our team of contributors and testers spend so much time in the kitchen day in and day out, it’s no wonder that we’ve developed some preferences when it comes to our essential, most time-saving kitchen tools. Want to…

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