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How Unmarried Americans Are Changing Everything

Stephanie Coontz, CNNAmericans have long presumed that being unmarried, especially as they got older, was a sentence, but the fact is, it is now common, widespread–and a game-changer both for our emotional lives and our social policies, writes Stephanie Coontz. … Read the referenced story here: How Unmarried Americans Are Changing Everything

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Finance News 

The Internet of Everything — $12.6 trillion ROI expected over the next decade [SLIDE DECK]

It all started on our PC’s. Now, single function items are becoming interfaces connected to the Internet and offering us capabilities above and beyond their original intended purpose. The phone goes way beyond making calls, the watch goes way beyond telling time, the car goes way beyond getting us from place to place, etc. Our businesses and governments are becoming more efficient by investing in the IoT revolution. Industries like oil, manufacturing, agriculture, medicine, insurance, retail, and utilities are all actively innovating with IoT installs. Governments are improving the quality…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Everything you need to know

What are the top things I need to know about the Note 8? The Galaxy Note 8 is here. It’s the biggest phone Samsung makes, and expectations for it are just as big to match. And rightfully so, as it has a hefty price tag if you’re interested in buying one for yourself. Before you make that decision, you’ll want to do your research, and that’s why we have one handy guide with all of the information you need to know before choosing to buy a Galaxy Note 8. Read…

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Free Spirit 

Everything you need to know about YouTube on Google Daydream

Android Enjoying YouTube in VR is a blast with Daydream View. YouTube is already one of the most popular apps available for Google Daydream. It was one of the launch titles, and it’s definitely got a new way for you to consume the videos that you need in your life. Enjoying Youtube in VR can make those videos more awesome than ever, and there is a lot going on within the app. That’s why we have all the details for you here! Read more on Everything you need to…

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