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Flight Etiquette: Airline Passengers Surveyed On Small Talk, Armrests, Taking Off Shoes

A recent British Airways survey finds that the majority (59 percent) of airline travelers say it’s perfectly fine to remove your shoes during a flight. The airline etiquette survey of more than 1,500 travelers from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy found wide disparities in how some passengers view privacy and courtesy. Among the findings, two-thirds (67 percent) say that passengers should only commandeer one armrest and leave the other one open. In regards to chattiness, 83 percent of travelers said conversation with other passengers or people…

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Is Icelandic Volcano Öræfajökull Dangerous? Government Issues Flight Warning

An Icelandic volcano named Öræfajökull has exhibited new geothermal and seismic activity causing the government to issue a warning Friday. The Icelandic Meteorological Office has issued a yellow alert for the volcano located under Vatnajökull, Iceland’s largest glacier. Satellite imaging showed that a half-mile long depression has formed in the ice due to geothermal activity. Icelandic authorities also say that a sulfur smell has been reported nearby at a smaller outlet glacier called Kvíárjökull. A yellow warning means “Volcano is experiencing signs of elevated unrest above known background levels.” The…

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Bird Smashes Into American Airlines Flight, Gets Lodged In Plane’s Nose

A recent American Airlines flight from Mexico City to Miami was struck by a bird that became lodged in the plane’s nose mid-flight. The airline confirmed the incident in a statement to International Business Times. “American Airlines Flight 1498 from Mexico City to Miami encountered a bird strike upon landing Nov. 14. The flight landed safely and taxied to the gate,” the airline said. “The aircraft was temporarily taken out of service as our maintenance team repaired the radome. The aircraft was repaired, and returned to scheduled service later that…

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