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Behind Trump’s Moves, a Return to Constitutional Government

F.H. Buckley, NY PostDo you remember how glum Barak Obama looked after last year’s election? It wasn’t because he liked Hillary Clinton. Instead, he was mourning for the last four years of his administration. He was loâ?¦ … Read the referenced story here: Behind Trump’s Moves, a Return to Constitutional Government

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How The US Government Created And Coddled The Gun Industry

After Stephen Paddock opened fire on Las Vegas concertgoers on Oct. 1, many people responded with calls for more gun control to help prevent mass shootings and the routine violence ravaging U.S. neighborhoods. But besides a rare consensus on restricting the availability of so-called bump stocks, which Paddock used to enable his dozen semi-automatic rifles to fire like machine guns, it’s unclear if anything meaningful will come of it. If advocates for reform despair after such a tragedy, I can understand. The politics seem intractable right now. It’s easy to feel powerless. But what I’ve learned from a decade of studying the history of…

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