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Wildfires plunge vineyard workers, owners into same struggle

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli SONOMA, Calif. (AP) — When the wildfires ignited, vineyard workers stopped picking grapes and fled for their lives. Some vineyard owners decided to stay and fight back, spending days digging firebreaks and sleeping among their vines for safety. As the danger drew closer, grape pickers spread word of the threat and helped neighbors pack their homes. The owner of an elite golf resort abandoned his home to try to save his golf course. The deadliest and most destructive wildfires in California … Read the referenced┬ástory here: Wildfires…

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Into Africa

In his foreword to Frans Lanting’s Into Africa, available from publisher Earth Aware Editions, Wade Davis quotes former National Geographic Director of Photography Thomas Kennedy: “As a chronicler of natural history today, Frans Lanting is a singular, extraordinary talent. He has the mind of a scientist, the heart of a hunter, and the eyes of a poet.” Few photographers enjoy a career as celebrated as Lanting’s, and Outdoor Photographer has been fortunate to regularly present his work through the years in his recurring column “World … Read the referenced story…

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[Feature] Into the Twilight Zone

A teenaged diving accident and crippling brush with the bends propelled ichthyologist Richard Pyle into the world of technical diving, where he emerged as a pioneering rebreather diver, using the technology to reach greater and greater depths. Pyle has carved out a niche as an explorer of the still-mysterious, dimly lit coral habitat that thrives from about 30 to 150 meters below the surface, in what he calls the Twilight Zone. Shallow reefs, with their brightly colored hard corals and fish, get most of the attention. But studies of deeper…

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