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Why Are Dems Losing in the Heartland? Some Ideas

Melinda Henneberger, KC StarDemocratic leaders who gathered in Iowa to strategize about building support among rural voters bemoaned the way some of their fellow Democrats talk down to Midwesterners. If the party hopes to win back the heartland, that must change. … Read the referenced story here: Why Are Dems Losing in the Heartland? Some Ideas

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Apple’s Swift is losing developers to multiplatform frameworks

When Apple’s Swift language for MacOS and iOS development debuted in June 2014 as the modern successor to Objective-C, Swift began to gain a foothold with developers. But now Swift is actually slipping in popularity, according the latest Tiobe index. Why is Swift losing steam? Tiobe attributes it to developers leaving the Apple-only Swift/Xcode development environment for frameworks that build multiplatform mobile apps such as Microsoft’s Xamarin, Apache Cordova, and Ionic. Xamarin leverages C# while Cordova and Ionic rely on JavaScript. [ Get started: How to launch the right mobile development strategy. |…

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